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The Complete Idiot's Guide To Home Recording
(by Clayton Walnum/ Alpha Publisher)
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2003 Van Duren Idiot Optimism Luck Seven CD 9218
 (previously unreleased archived tracks)

2003  Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez/Strip     Producer

2002  Cub Koda/Present Time    Producer  (release date TBA)


2002 The Wildweeds/No Good To Cry: The Best Of The Wildweeds  (Confidential Recordings 3003-2)   Producer/ Remastering Supervision


2001 The Wildweeds/The Best, and Rare   (Air Mail Recordings 1004 /Japan)  Producer/Remastering Supervision


2001 Van Duren/Chemical Fire: Live In Concert 1978  (Air Mail Recordings 025/Japan)  Production Remix and Mastering of Live Tapes


2000  Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez/Wicked Time   (J-Bird 80287)  Producer


1999  Van Duren/Are You Serious  (CD reissue�original LP released 1977 on Big Sound Records)   (Air Mail Recordings 011/Japan)  Production Remix and Mastering  (LP production: J. Tiven/D. Snyder)


1999  Van Duren/Idiot Optimism   (CD reissue of previously unreleased tracks recorded 1978-79)    (Air Mail Recordings 012/Japan)  Executive Producer/Production Remix and Mastering


1999  Various Artists/The Songs Of Willie Dixon  (Telarc 83452)  Mastering

1998   Various Artists/A Tribute To Howlin� Wolf  (Telarc 83427)    Grammy Nominee  Associate Producer/Mixing/Mastering


1997  Pinetop Perkins/Born On The Delta  (Telarc 83418)   Grammy Nominee       (Production Supervision)


1997  Eddie Kirkland/Lonely Street   (Telarc 83424)  Mixing/mastering


1997 Christine Ohlman& Rebel Montez/Radio Queen  (J-Bird 80147)  Producer


1997  Darlene �D� /Safari Hunter (J-Bird 80182)  Producer


1997  Bob Mel/Love Forever  (J-Bird 80134)  Producer


1996  Cub Koda/Box Lunch  (J-Bird 80137)  Co-Producer


1995 Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez/The Hard Way (Deluge 3011)  Producer


1994  Cub Koda/Abba Dabba Dabba: A Bonanza Of Hits (Schoolkids 1512)  Mastering and Digital Editing Supervision



1991  Darlene �D�/Safari Planet  (TNA 095)  Producer   (also 12� single)


1982  B. Willie Smith/The B. Willie Smith Band  (TNA 082)  Producer


1980  B. Willie Smith/World�s Favorite Songs  (TNA 064)  Executive Producer


1979  The Scratch Band/Rescue  (TNA Records 055)  Producer


1978  The Scratch Band/The Scratch Band  (London Records 8529-UK issue)  Producer  (4 additional tracks from American issue)


1978  The Scratch Band/The Scratch Band  (Kuckuck 2375 043�German issue)  Producer   (2 additional tracks from American issue)


1978  Big Sound for a Small Planet (London Records)  Producer  (UK issue of Bionic Gold)


1978  Roger C. Reale/Radioactive   (Big Sound 028)  Producer


1978  The Yankees/High N� Inside  (Big Sound 037)  Production Supervison


1977  Various Artists/Bionic Gold (compilation of Phil Spector hits featuring performances by Big Sound Artists)   Producer


1977 The Scratch Band/The Scratch Band   (6-song �BP�)-American issue (Big Sound 1009) Producer

(single release-�When We Dance�/�I Only Want To Be With You�-Australia-Big Sound/EMI Ltd. 11714)


1977  Van Duren/Are You Serious  (Big Sound) Production Supervision  (see CD reissue-1999)


1969  U.S. 69/U.S. 69  (Buddah Records)  Producer


1969  Emmett Finley/Emmett Finley  (Poison Ring 2241)  Producer


1968  Pulse/Pulse  (Poison Ring 2237)  Producer   (single release��Another Woman�/Poison Ring 711)


1968  Fancy/Fancy Meeting You Here  (Poison Ring 2238)  Producer


1968  Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band/The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt (Poison Ring 2240)  Production Overview (Producer: P. Levin)  (45 single release: Little Dead Surfer Girl/Poison Ring 1006)


The following are 45-rpm singles not associated with any LP:

(Doc Cavalier�Producer on all listings)


B. Willie Smith

1984 Let�s Have A Party (TNA Records)


The Scratch Band

1979  Rock n�Roll Love Letter/Uptown   (London Records HLY 10567/UK Release)


1966  As Long As I Have You/Tell Me  (Kayden 407)

1966  Breathe In My Ear/Easy Street  (Kayden 408)

1966  I Call Your Name/Hide Away  (Laurie 3353)

1967  Don�t Press Your Luck/Hey, Little Girl   (Taurus 1881)

1967  As Long As I Have You/Tell Me  (Cameo 470)



1966  No Good To Cry/Never Mind   (Cadet 5561) 

1966  Someday Morning/Can�t You See That I�m Lonely  (Cadet 15949) 

1967  It Was Fun (While It Lasted)/Sorrow�s Anthem  (Cadet 5586)

1968  I�m Dreaming/Happiness Is Just An Illusion (Cadet Concept 7004)



1968   All My Best (Sweet Mary)/Down To The Sea  (Poison Ring 1004)


Ray Zeiner

1969  I Had A Girl/You Know Your Love  (Poison Ring 721) 


The Mustard Family

1970  Yesterday�s Folks/African Sunshine  (Buddah BDA 101)



1967  Can Can Girl/Burritt Bradley  (Atlantic 6530) 


The Bram Rigg Set

1967  I Can Only Give You Everything  (Kayden Records  406)

(UK release on Stateside/SS2020)


Bill Wrinn

1966  Devil Takes New Orleans/The Judas Goat  (Poison Ring 718) 


Johnny Parris (and Tension)

1967   Together Love   (Poison Ring 720)


Bob Mel

1980  4-song EP/33 1/3 rpm)  Because Of You/Miss Punctuality/Big Mary/Your Love Is All I Feel


Various Artists

1974   Simple Song  (45 rpm sold to benefit charitable organization)

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