Christine Ohlman appears on the radio prior to show date (additional radio dates to be added):

         Sun. April 10   9 pm  LIVE RADIO APPEARANCE    "Sunday Night Blues w/Beef Stew"   Hartford, CT WCCC-FM 106.9   Christine goes on-air with Beef Stew to talk and spin platters in preparation for the upcoming Doc Cavalier tribute at Toad's Place. "I Can Only Give You Everything," Stew's favorite TNA production, will be the star of the show!! Go to for all the latest updates.

         Sun. April 17   10 am-12 noon  LIVE RADIO APPEARANCE  "Kick Out The Jams w/Dave Marsh�  SIRIUS Satellite Radio/SIRIUS Talk Central, Channel 148    Christine will join writer/music historian extraordinaire Dave Marsh, one of the hosts for "The Doctor Is In," to talk about the show and share reminiscences.

         Sun. April 17   9:45 pm  RADIO APPEARANCE  "The Local Bands Show with James Velvet and Rick Allison"  New Haven, CT  WPLR-FM   99.1  Christine Ohlman guests to spotlight the acclaimed records produced by, and the rock n'roll heart of, Doc Cavalier in preparation for the April 22 power-packed tribute benefit at Toad's Place. Check out for more info.


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