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"Doc" Cavalier--who passed away Jan. 1--mixed, mastered, produced, advised, entertained and otherwise affected just about every Connecticut musician of the past three decades. His accomplishments were rich and varied, from producing a regional hit for The Wildweeds (featuring a teen Al Anderson, pre-NRBQ) to helping a post-fame Cub Koda reclaim overdue Brownsville Station royalties. He worked with legendary Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. He managed top local '60s bands The Shags (who arrived at gigs in a hearse) and The Bram Rigg Set (whose drummer was future Oakdale overseer Beau Segal). Cavalier was Grammy-nominated for putting together A Tribute to Howlin' Wolf in 1999. That disc starred his beloved Christine Ohlman, whose critically acclaimed albums with Rebel Montez Doc also produced. He even penned the foreword to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Home Recording.

But this is all secondary to "Doc" Cavalier's main function, as the founder of Trod Nossel Studios in Wallingford: giving hundreds of young bands the breaks and encouragement they needed to record their first demo tapes, singles, LPs and CDs. As with that tree that falls in the forest which nobody hears, some say there can be no local music scene with a studio or a label to record it. There's a revered tradition of bands saving their pennies from live gigs and scraping together enough to rent a few hours at Trod Nossel.

I knew Doc Cavalier to be gentlemanly, gracious, frank and real. He wasn't a huckster; he was a dreamer, and his enthusiasm and passion helped a lot of kids keep their own musical dreams alive.

R.I.P. Doc Cavalier
- January 6, 2005
The New Haven Advocate

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